ICC Scotland - Some of Our Work

Here you can see examples of the work completed by Industrial Commercial Cleaning Scotland.  Numerous companies trust us to complete every job to the highest standards.

We have been providing deep cleaning services in Scotland for over twenty years, specialising in custom floor cleaning.

Traditional Parquet

Now receiving repeat business from one of the foremost luxury hotel chains in Scotland, this is just one example of the work we’ve done for this major company.

This is a floor in Gleneagles Townhouse in Edinburgh.  The wear and tear was clear to see but the result after we’d completed a highly sympathetic clean is evidenced here.

Stone and Wood

A combination of polished wood and stone tiles presented a real challenge…. but the results speak for themselves.

An entrance foyer in a major hotel, this clean had to be completed when there was as little traffic as possible.

Antique Tile

When tiled floors are this precious you really want to be sure you’re putting your faith in the right people.

We needed to be sure about the integrity of this floor before we began, in case there were areas that were fragile.  The result you see here is an example of the care and attention we take.

Medical floors

There’s nowhere we need to see pristine, clean floors than in a medical setting, and this is an area we’re well versed in.

While the ‘before’ picture doesn’t look necessarily in need of a deep clean, you can see from the finished product just how we made it shine!

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Unless you’re used to having professionals attend to you prized flooring, you are likely to have questions that need answered.  Have a look in this section to see if we already have the answer – and if not get in touch using the ‘Contact Us‘ link, or give us a call on 07858 966 951.

We can still clean floors that have been treated.  All we ask is that you let us know beforehand, so that we know upfront.

We’re often in places where cleans within normal business hours is either impractical or just a plain no-no.  We can make appropriate arrangements for an out-of-hours team if this is one of your requirements.

We are suitably covered for practically every eventuality and wouldn’t commit to a job if we thought we wouldn’t be covered.

We can provide teams of up to 10 people, depending on the size of the job and the deadline we’re asked to work to.

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Our Image Gallery

Here are just a small selection of the images we take every day on our travels around the country, cleaning for major companies and small independent traders alike